Case Study - Revolutionizing Online Education with Unitz All-in-one Learning Management System (LMS)

Unitz LMS has emerged as a game-changer in the field of online education, providing schools and teachers with a comprehensive platform to deliver effective and engaging online classes.

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In recent years, the landscape of education has undergone a significant transformation with the emergence of online learning platforms. One such platform, Unitz LMS, has revolutionized the way schools and teachers manage their online classes. This case study explores how Unitz LMS has simplified the setup and management of online education, providing an effective and engaging learning experience for students and teachers alike.

  • Javascript/Typescript Development
  • React.js/ Gatsby.js
  • Node.js Development
  • GraphQL & Hasura ORM
  • PostgreSQL Database
  • Contentful
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Zoom Video Conferencing API


With the increasing demand for flexible and accessible education, online learning has become an integral part of the educational ecosystem. However, managing online classes can be challenging for both teachers and administrators. Traditional learning management systems often lack the comprehensive features needed to facilitate seamless communication, collaboration, and engagement in virtual classrooms.

The Challenge

Schools and teachers faced several challenges in transitioning to online education, including:

  • Setup Complexity: Setting up and managing online classes required technical expertise and time-consuming processes.

  • Engagement: Keeping students engaged and motivated in virtual classrooms was a significant challenge.

  • Communication: Effective communication and collaboration between teachers and students were hindered by limited tools and features.

  • Attendance Tracking: Manual attendance tracking was cumbersome and prone to errors for both teachers and administrators.

The Solution

Unitz LMS emerged as a comprehensive learning management system designed to address these challenges. The technology stack behind Unitz LMS includes:

  • JavaScript & TypeScript: Unitz LMS is built using JavaScript and TypeScript, providing a robust and scalable foundation for its frontend and backend development.

  • Node.js: Node.js is utilized as the runtime environment for Unitz LMS's server-side applications, enabling efficient handling of asynchronous tasks and scalability.

  • GraphQL & Hasura: Unitz LMS leverages GraphQL and Hasura to facilitate efficient data fetching and manipulation, enabling seamless communication between the client and server.

  • PostgreSQL Database: Unitz LMS stores its data in a PostgreSQL database, ensuring reliability, scalability, and data integrity.

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP): Unitz LMS is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, providing scalability, security, and reliability for its infrastructure and services.

  • Contentful: Contentful serves as the content management platform for Unitz LMS, allowing schools and teachers to easily create, manage, and publish content for their online courses.

  • Zoom for Video Conferencing: Unitz LMS integrates with Zoom for video conferencing, providing teachers and students with a reliable platform for conducting live online classes.


Schools and teachers embraced Unitz LMS as their preferred platform for online education. The implementation process involved:

  • Onboarding: Schools and teachers underwent a seamless onboarding process, including account setup, training, and support.

  • Integration: Unitz LMS seamlessly integrated with existing school systems, allowing for a smooth transition to online education.

  • Training: Comprehensive training resources and support were provided to teachers to ensure they could effectively utilize Unitz LMS's features.


The implementation of Unitz LMS yielded significant results:

  • Simplified Management: Unitz LMS streamlined the setup and management of online classes, saving teachers and administrators time and effort.

  • Enhanced Engagement: The interactive features of Unitz LMS, such as the virtual blackboard and chatbox, increased student engagement and participation in online classes.

  • Improved Communication: Unitz LMS facilitated effective communication and collaboration between teachers and students, leading to better learning outcomes.

  • Automated Attendance Tracking: The automated attendance tracking feature of Unitz LMS reduced administrative burden and improved accuracy in attendance records.


Unitz LMS has emerged as a game-changer in the field of online education, providing schools and teachers with a comprehensive platform to deliver effective and engaging online classes.

By addressing the challenges associated with online learning and leveraging a robust technology stack, Unitz LMS has empowered educators to create dynamic and interactive learning experiences for students, paving the way for the future of education.

Key Takeaways

Unitz LMS simplifies the setup and management of online classes, saving time and effort for teachers and administrators.

The technology stack behind Unitz LMS, including JavaScript, TypeScript, GraphQL, and Contentful, provides a robust foundation for its development.

Effective integration with Zoom for video conferencing enhances the online learning experience for both teachers and students.

Automated attendance tracking and comprehensive reporting features streamline administrative tasks and provide valuable insights for educators.

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