Case Study - Empowering Connections with Unitz's 1-1 Video Platform

Unitz's 1-1 video platform built on React Native has empowered individuals to seek personalized advice and guidance conveniently on their mobile devices.

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In today's fast-paced world, connecting with experts and seeking personalized advice has become essential for individuals seeking guidance in various aspects of their lives. Unitz recognized this need and embarked on a journey to develop a 1-1 video platform on mobile using React Native. This case study delves into how Unitz's innovative solution has facilitated seamless connections between advisors and users, providing a convenient and personalized advisory experience.

  • Javascript/Typescript Development
  • React Native
  • Node.js Development
  • GraphQL & Hasura ORM
  • PostgreSQL Database
  • Contentful
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Zoom Video Conferencing API


Unitz identified a growing demand for a platform that enables individuals to connect with advisors in real-time via video calls on mobile devices. Traditional methods of seeking advice often involve lengthy processes and lack immediacy, hindering individuals from accessing timely guidance. To address this challenge, Unitz embarked on developing a mobile application that leverages React Native to create a user-friendly and scalable 1-1 video platform.

The Challenge

Building a 1-1 video platform on mobile posed several challenges, including:

  • Real-time Video Communication: Implementing seamless and high-quality video calls between advisors and users on mobile devices.
  • Scalability: Ensuring the platform can accommodate a growing user base and increasing demand for advisory services.
  • User Experience: Creating an intuitive and engaging mobile app interface that facilitates easy navigation and interaction for both advisors and users.
  • Security: Implementing robust security measures to protect user data and ensure privacy during video calls.

The Solution

Unitz tackled these challenges by leveraging a robust technology stack, including:

  • React Native: Unitz utilized React Native to develop a cross-platform mobile application, enabling rapid development and deployment of the 1-1 video platform on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Node.js: Node.js served as the backend runtime environment, facilitating efficient handling of real-time communication and data processing.
  • GraphQL & Hasura: Unitz leveraged GraphQL and Hasura to facilitate efficient data fetching and manipulation, enabling seamless communication between the mobile app and backend services.
  • PostgreSQL Database: Unitz stored user data and session information in a PostgreSQL database, ensuring reliability, scalability, and data integrity.
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP): Unitz hosted its backend infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform, providing scalability, security , and reliability for the 1-1 video platform.


Unitz embarked on the development of the 1-1 video platform following an agile methodology, with a focus on iterative development and continuous feedback. The implementation process involved:

  • Design and Prototyping: Unitz collaborated with designers to create intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces for the mobile application. Prototypes were developed and tested to gather feedback and iterate on the design.

  • Development: The development team utilized React Native to build the frontend of the mobile application, implementing features such as user authentication, advisor matching, and real-time video communication. Node.js and GraphQL were used to develop the backend services, including user management, session handling, and communication with advisors.

  • Testing: Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure the stability, performance, and security of the 1-1 video platform. Automated tests were implemented to detect and address any issues early in the development process.

  • Deployment: Upon completion of development and testing, the 1-1 video platform was deployed to the Google Cloud Platform, where it underwent final performance and security checks before being made available to users.


The implementation of Unitz's 1-1 video platform yielded significant results:

  • Seamless Connections: Users were able to connect with advisors in real-time via high-quality video calls, facilitating personalized and immediate advisory sessions.

  • Scalability: The platform was able to accommodate a growing user base and increasing demand for advisory services, thanks to its scalable architecture built on Google Cloud Platform.

  • Enhanced User Experience: The intuitive mobile app interface provided a seamless experience for both advisors and users, fostering engagement and satisfaction.

  • Secure Communication: Robust security measures ensured the privacy and security of user data during video calls, building trust and confidence among users.


Unitz's 1-1 video platform built on React Native has empowered individuals to seek personalized advice and guidance conveniently on their mobile devices. By leveraging a robust technology stack and following best practices in development and deployment, Unitz has successfully addressed the challenges associated with building a 1-1 video platform and delivered a seamless and engaging user experience.

Key Takeaways

  • React Native enables rapid development of cross-platform mobile applications, providing flexibility and scalability.
  • Leveraging Node.js, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, and Google Cloud Platform ensures reliability, scalability, and security for the backend infrastructure.
  • Following an agile development approach facilitates iterative development and continuous improvement based on user feedback.
  • Robust testing and deployment processes are essential for ensuring the stability, performance, and security of the 1-1 video platform.

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